Relocation Thermoplastics

In the summer of 2021, the company location of Thermoplastics Profil & Rohr GmbH was moved from 3454 Reidling to Hohe Brücke 5, 3124 Wölbling. The better infrastructure and the central location between St. Pölten and Krems represent a significant benefit for the company and were decisive for the decision to relocate. Thermoplastics Profil & […]

Acquisition Robust Plastics GmbH

In September 2020, 100% of the shares in Robust Plastics GmbH were acquired. Robust Plastics is a producer of sophisticated, high-quality injection-molded products for the automotive, technical parts and industrial packaging application areas. A comprehensive range of services, from product development and mold design to just-in-time delivery, complements the company’s production expertise. Highest quality, customer […]